Trophy Ridge Fix Series Bow Sight – A Review

Trophy Ridge Fix – Series Bow Sight                                             

Outstanding  Features Include:                      

Micro Adjustable pins, elevation, windage and second axis

On board sight adjusting tool

3 pin, 5 pin, 7 pin Options

Color, black

For right handed bows.

Rheostat controlled pin light included

Aluminum mount and hardware

Ballistic co-polymer head

Excellent light gathering and visibility

Trophy Ridge Fix

The Trophy Ridge Fix series bow sight is a standard set and forget, fixed pin bow sight.  Once you sight this in, you lock down the sights and this fixed sight is ready for hunting.

Some newer single pin sights, also known as movable sights, have a wheel that the hunter must use to dial in to set the bow for the proper range for each shot.  Some hunters forget to make these adjustments when faced with the adrenaline pumping shot of a life time.  In all the excitement they fail turn the dial wheel to set the range and end up missing.

When you multi pins all the time, you have to choose the right pin for the distance every time you shoot.  It becomes ingrained in the shot. The traditional fixed pin sight is popular for this reason above all others.  It’s what a lot of experienced hunters have come to rely on for their hunts.

As a big buck comes in, you may not have to perform a complicated adjustment to a moveable sight before the deer takes off.  If the deer comes in closer than you anticipated, with the Fix sight, you just choose the correct pin in an instant and get your deer.

The Trophy Ridge Fix has no need for sight adjustment wheel or dials to adjust as the big buck in coming into range.  Just pick the right sight pin and settle in on the shot.  If you practice mindfully and know your shot distance, the chances of you picking the wrong pin are nearly zero.

The sight head is made of a tough, durable ballistic co-polymer material. The rest of the sight is aluminum.   This combination gives a light yet strong sight that won’t weigh down your bow.

The Trophy Ridge Fix Series Sight is available in three different pin configurations.   With three, five and seven pin set ups available, you will be able to match this tough little sight to your shooting needs.  Each sight in the series has micro adjustable windage and elevation plus a micro adjustable second axis.

Top features provide outstanding visibility.

The bright green hood accent ring included on all Fix Series Sights helps you center the sight in your rear peep sight, further enhancing shot accuracy.

The included light gathering fiber optic ring installed on the front of the sight allows for longer fiber optic strands that can transfer even more light to the Ultra-Bright Fiber Optic Pins, no matter the light conditions.

If darkness closes in but you can legally shoot after dark in your state, the included rheostat controlled light will provide you with abundant sight pin brightness.

Pin number choices for your type of hunting

3 pins

The three pin sight is ideal for close hunting where shots are normally less than forty yards.  Whether you’re hunting from your favorite tree stand over a big old buck’s rub line or sitting in a ground blind by a feed pile waiting for roving hogs, the 3 pin model is a great choice.

When the animals are close, you don’t want a bunch of pins cluttering up your sight picture.  You simply want a quick sight acquisition that you can count on to be accurate shot after shot.  With 3 pins you have settings to cover close distances adequately and keep your sight picture open for getting on target fast and making the shot.


5 pins

The five pin configuration will give you more precision pin placement options to cover more distances with confidence without sacrificing longer range accuracy because you have too few pins.

The Fix, five pin can easily be set up for ranges of 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 yards. If your bow shoots fast and flat, you can even use the first pin for both 10 and 20 yards and use the fifth pen for a sixty yard pin.

In the more open areas where shots can sometimes reach fifty to sixty yards, it is nice to have the confidence in your sights and capability to take a fifty yard shot and make the kill.

7 pins

With two more pins provided on the seven pin Fix, you can extend your range out to 80 yards, but a word of advice, unless you are willing to spend a lot of hours actually practicing hitting a 9 in diameter target at the full eighty yards, you won’t really need those extra two pins.

However, if you are hunting in the wide open mountains and plains of the west or on the edges of an open field then you may not have close shot opportunities.  These western mulies, elk and Couse deer are pretty skittish and will run at the first hint of danger.

You have to be a great stalker to get within bow range of a wary elk.  Sometimes sneaking in to sixty or seventy yards is as close as you can get.  In these long distance hunting situations, having a bow capable of reaching out past fifty yards is a must.

Trailing a wounded elk or deer over miles of open wilderness is difficult to say the least.  Having the pins set for longer shots will require more practice, but when the once-in-a- lifetime bull elk is in your sights you can be confident in your shot.

Which sight picture do you prefer?

One thing that some hunters don’t like about a lot of pins on their sight is that all of those pins can clutter the sight picture and obscure what they are trying to shoot.  Others find it sometimes gets confusing trying to remember which pin does what with so many choices.  Look at the sight pictures of each pin configuration and decide for yourself if you feel comfortable with 3, 5, or 7 pins.

Onboard Tool

No matter how many pins you choose, each set up has consistently accurate and dependable micro-adjustable pins.  Once you set them up for your bow, you lock them down and they stay where you put them.

If you do need to adjust them, there is an onboard adjustment tool that stows away by screwing into the housing.  Just unscrew it, adjust your sights and screw it back into the housing.  It stays there until you may need it again.

Rheostat Controlled Light Included

All three of the Trophy Ridge Fix Series Sights come with a removable light that enhances pin brightness with three brightness adjustments.  Be sure that lighted sights are legal in your state. If not, simply unscrew the light and leave it at home while you are hunting.

You can always use it on the target range to get in a few extra minutes of practice in lower light conditions.  Besides, the Ultra-Bright .019 diameter fiber optic sight pins are plenty bright with ambient light on their own.

Second Axis Adjustment

The three models all come with a built in level and all three have second axis adjustment to assure that your bow is properly aligned, making those longer shots more accurate and consistent.  If you perfect your form and set this bow up properly, you will have better results.  Don’t just expect the sight to correct for any bad habits you may have.  No sight can do that, but with perfect practice, using perfect form, this sight will perform.

The Fix series come with a strong aluminum bracket and mounting hardware which helps make a solid mounting platform to ensure unmatched accuracy at all ranges.  Precision is not compromised with this tough mounting bracket.  It won’t vibrate or move around once it is installed.


Trophy Ridge™ provides a Limited Lifetime Warranty on its products. All products are covered against breakage due to defects in materials, and workmanship from the date of purchase.

In conclusion:

The Trophy Ridge Fix Series is a great bow sight.  Features like a tough, securely mounted, built in light gathering ring, solid aluminum mount with mounting hardware and a ballistic co-polymer head that houses and protects the sight pins make this a solid bow sight.  Having a rheostat controlled light included in the price make it a great value.

Micro adjustable windage and elevation, as well as micro adjustable sight pins and second axis are all adjusted with one tool that is stored on board. This is a great feature usually reserved for more expensive sights.

Add in the option for 3, 5 or 7 pin models all with Ultra-Bright sight pins with a .019 diameter plus the built in level and you have an easy to adjust, super accurate sight.

All of these features and a limited lifetime warranty in one tough little bow sight make the Trophy Ridge Fix 3 Series Sight a great buy.

Review by Sam

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