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When I was eleven my Dad got me a fiberglass re-curve bow and a handful of arrows.  My journey into learning all I could about archery and bow hunting began that summer more than 40 years ago. I was allowed to tag along on  all kinds of hunts including a hunt for big desert mule deer with my dad and brothers that fall.  I was too young to hunt deer but I went anyway and I loved it.

I hope to be able to pass on some of what I have learned to other beginners.  I want to help you figure out things as quickly as possible so you can have fun with it.  My Goal here at Bow Hunting Tips For Beginners is to help you learn to be a better Archer.


What kind of Bow should I buy? How many arrows do I need? How do I hit the bulls eye. (When I first started I was lucky to keep my arrows on the range let alone on the target.) Where can I find someone to help me? Do I need camouflage clothing? These questions and more are expected. My goal here at Bow Hunting Tips for beginners is to try to answer your questions and hopefully offer Ideas and topics you haven’t even considered yet.

After I outgrew (read as broke it by over drawing it) my fiberglass bow the next fall, I tried shooting my big brothers new powerful laminated wood re-curve.  The draw weight was just too much and I  had to have help just to put the string on.   It was a frustrating summer full terrible practice sessions of hard learned lessons.  I gave up until school started again.


In the seventh grade I finally found a few people at school who were into bow hunting.  I found out a lot by hanging around with them.  I was given some old archery magazines and talked my Dad into subscribing.  I also discovered that our local library had a few books on archery and bow hunting.

I even bought a nice Fred Bear White Tail Hunter.  It was a take-down model re-curve with a magnesium riser and laminated limbs.  The guy threw in a wrist guard and finger tabs.  Sure it was used but my saved up allowance didn’t allow for new.  Still it was the perfect size and draw weight for me and I was ready to go again.

But…my old wood arrows disintegrated after passing through my straw bale targets and hitting rocks in the dirt bank behind.  I got new aluminum arrows but then wore out the string and broke it,  More hard lessons and frustrating practice sessions.  Who knew arrows had spline strength, different lengths and weights.  Who knew bow strings came in different sizes.

Things were still looking up, though.  I was getting better at shooting and had a lot of time practice.   The hard lessons kept coming but with the help from magazines and friends I learned a lot of easy lessons too.


Get the Kids Outdoors


Not really, if it’s good information and today there is a deluge of information.

Back then (we’re talking the early seventies)  the internet was not for civilians and there was not a lot of information readily available.  Nobody had Search engines or even e-mail.  Today,  we have a different problem.   There is an overwhelming amount of information on the web and it is all available with just a click or two.

It’s a great time to be alive in this information age.  However, a lot of the information available can be misleading or downright wrong.

Trying to learn new skills can be difficult.

Archery and bow hunting is no different. Knowing what to train and how to train correctly can be overwhelming and it’s hard to know where to start. Not to mention the seemingly endless choices of bows, arrows, accessories and equipment that you have to choose from.


One simple tip that helped me a ton was this;  Number your arrows with a permanent marker and when you practice you can pay attention to where each arrow hits.  If arrow number four always flies off from the bulls eye then you can cull that arrow out of your quiver or try to figure what is different about it from all the others.

Maybe arrow number four has a heavier tip on it than the others.  Maybe it has loose fletching.  Maybe the arrow is slightly bent or cracked.  You can weigh all of the shafts without the tip and see if number four is lighter or heavier.

If you find and correct the issue then you can put ol’ number four back in your quiver.  If it cant be remedied then you retire ol’ number four and enjoy tighter groups when you target practice.


Click the link to read my article on Still Hunting With A Bow – The Art Of The Sneak .  It’s my favorite way to hunt.

Whether you want to improve your shooting skills or hunting skills I will try to help.

I’m going to do my best to provide useful information that will get new archers on the right track without spinning their wheels trying to dig through millions of websites.  I will help you to improve in all ways possible, give you ideas and techniques that increase your enjoyment of archery and up your archery game.

I’m glad you found BOW HUNTING TIPS FOR BEGINNERS and hope you find it helpful. If you like this site and the tips I offer be sure to bookmark it  and stop by once in a while to see what’s new.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will do my best to help you out.

All the best,




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