Allen Premium No Pinch Shooting Tab REVIEW



The Allen no pinch shooting tab is a very good product. I have been using this brand of finger tab for many years. It has a thick suede leather back to help protect your fingers and the smooth calf hair front surface will make your release very smooth.

It doesn’t need long to break it in to make it easier to form fit your string and your hand. It is tough though and will stand up to many thousands of shots.

I started out using a three finger shooting glove but found it cumbersome and clumsy. It was always in the way when I needed dexterity to nock my arrows. With the finger tab I am able to flip it out of the way when I handle arrows and knock them. Then it’s a simple flip of the wrist to have it in place to draw the string and still protect your fingers.

It simply slips over your middle finger and rest in your hand until you need it. It is always ready and if you need your fingers free to get an arrow from your quiver then you let it flop into your palm and your fingers are unencumbered.

With the finger tab I find that I have more control of the arrow as I draw. I find it easy to put a slight torsion on the arrow during the draw and keep it pressed to the rest until I anchor and then shoot.

The release is smooth without jerking because the slick calf hair string face slips right off of the string with little to no drag. I like the way I just have to relax my fingers and the string slips free with no influence on the string.

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned shooter you may find you like a finger tab better than a mechanical release. I started shooting a recurve bow and used a finger tab . Once I started using a compound bow I just kept using my finger tab because I just shot better than trying to shoot a mechanical rest. I still get a few looks. up until I start putting arrows on the bulls eye.  It works really well for me.

The split tab style allows you to shoot with one finger atop the arrow and two below. This also helps you keep the arrow nocked on the string as you pull back the bow string.

There is a finger spacer that rests between the index and next finger. It helps reduce finger pinch allowing you to release the arrow without having to try to hold your fingers apart. This helps contribute to your glass smooth release.

Made for adults and for right-handers. If you are left-handed make sure you order a left-handed model. They do not interchange.

A nice bonus it the Allen Premium No Pinch Shooting Tab is made in the U.S.A.


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