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I’ve been enjoying the great outdoors since I was a little kid. I love hiking and camping. I also like to take a day trip out and eat lunch while sitting by a creek or while looking out over a mountain view.

I learned early on that hunting took me to even more remote and beautiful places. Soon enough I got interested archery and bow hunting as another way to spend even more time enjoying the wonders of nature. I’ve been like this for almost fifty years. It probably isn’t going to go away.


After hunting mostly with rifles and hand guns while I was really young I discovered that I enjoyed the unique challenges of archery. I liked that it took a lot more practice to be a good bow shooter and a lot more patience to hunt with the bow.

Rifles and guns are complicated beautiful mechanical wonders and the study of ballistics is fun. Bows are beautiful and simple but the art of shooting a bow accurately is not as easy as shooting well with a gun. Both pursuits require skill and lots of practice to be good at either.

As much as I like shooting targets hundreds of yards away with high-powered rifles I find that I also enjoy the added challenges of bowmanship. Besides needing a certain amount of physical coordination and strength to shoot a bow with accuracy I really enjoy the whole routine and the mental focus required to consistently put arrows on target.



I’m hoping to help beginning bow hunters get past the confusion and uncertainty that comes with learning about bow hunting and archery. I hope that I have a lot of tips and tricks and great advice that help archery remain a fun part of your life as it has been in mine.



Getting really good with a bow and arrows takes a lot of patience and diligent practice. The practice has to be designed to reinforce the fundamentals so that you can modify your practice to be useful in the field. Being diligent means knowing when you are too tired to shoot well, forgiving yourself if you make a mistake then correcting it.

But most of all the journey to getting really good should be a lot of fun. If you find yourself getting frustrated give yourself a break. You’re learning. If it was easy you wouldn’t get frustrated but it wouldn’t be as rewarding when you finally hit your first triple bulls eye at sixty yards or when you spend all day trying and just before sunset you take your first pheasant right out of the sky.

Whatever your goals are Just remember this, you are the only one who can reach inside and try your best. Nobody can fault you if you give it your best. Not even you. When you hit your first goal nobody will be more proud of you than you. You know how hard you’ve worked. I just hope I can help you on your Journey.

If you have any questions or want to discuss something specific please leave a comment below and I’ll try to help you.

All the best,

Sam Lippse


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